On We The Revolution

As each day progresses I find myself more and more disconnected from the girls around me. It’s come to the point where I’ve decided that it’s time for a revolution that will awaken the goddess within each one of us. Let me start by telling you a little bit about myself. I am a Syrian girl in college, mainstream, normal person that you have probably had many conversations with. I am a happy, fun loving, positive girl, who’s message isn’t to criticize or demean anyone. This is for US, we the girls and future (potentially) leaders of this bittersweet community.

What drove me to create this blog, and ultimately start a revolution, is the will to break the social structure created by men for woman. What is the structure? It is a structure taught to each one of us, either explicitly or through the subtle messages of others, that we, as girls, are second to the men. We are taught to be in competition with each other for the mere attention and recognition of men. We are taught to tear each other apart, do whatever it takes, in order to secure our status on top of the pyramid. We are taught to keep our friends as a pawn in the game, willing to sacrifice it all for our image. We are taught that we are only as worthy as the ranking of the man we bring home. We are taught to lower our self respect and compromise our morals for even the potential of an eligible relationship with a man. How much more is left for us to give up?

We, the revolution, are here to restore power, confidence, morality, and dignity to the woman of this community. We are now at a point where we have happily and willfully handed all these things over to ungrateful and undeserving men. We have given in to the social structure, created by our own participation in the game. It is time to take it all back, because we deserve it. This blog has been created to help give you the tools to build yourself into the goddess you were meant to be. We will gladly give you the weapons to destroy the oppressive and demeaning social web each of you are entangled in. Every girl is essential to the movement. Together, we are the revolution.